Street Art

Street Art In Brixton & Stockwell

The commute to Blue Strawberry and Table Talk HQ has changed in the last few months, it has put a spring in our step and brightened up these dark, cold winter mornings! Molly has been out with her camera and explains why….

“You may be surprised to hear, that one of London’s most vibrant art galleries sits in the middle of an estate halfway between Stockwell and Brixton. Artists from all over the world paint new masterpieces here every week.

Trying to preserve this very fragile gem is difficult as unfortunately, it has a short lifespan before it gets damaged.

Brixton has long been a place with little pockets of Street Art and Graffiti coming and going, and now we find it on our doorstep for the first time.”

Next time you are in the area- pop by to see us and take a walk on the wild side…!