Burns Night

Haggis Croquette for Burns Night

Pay respect to Robert Burns in the best way we know; by eating! And of course, it wouldn’t be Burns night without haggis, so we are suggesting these simple, delicious Haggis Croquettes…

  • Take the haggis out of the skin casing and mold into 30g balls
  • Roll in flour, dip in whisked egg and lightly cover in breadcrumbs
  • Shallow fry for 3-4 minutes until golden

Potato mayo dip:

  • Bake potatoes until soft
  • Scoop out and mash with olive oil and salt
  • Fold mayonnaise into the mash until desired texture achieved
  • Finish with chopped chives, pepper and lemon zest

…and enjoy!

With love from the Blue Strawberry & Table Talk team x