Tower of London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is steeped in history; nearly 1,000 years of siege, ceremony, triumphs, tears, blood and even bears! Its stone walls have repelled invasion and protected the kingdom while securing high-profile prisoners and precious contents within.  A fascinating setting for events and a firm favourite among international guests.  The Yeomen Warders are all incredibly knowledgeable and a tour of the Jewel House is a great way to start your event.

The White Tower is the central building named after its white cornerstones from Normandy. Guests arrive through the South Stairs before walking through the ‘Line of Kings’ which features incredible sets of royal armour. There is no power for us to cook with here so we have devised special ‘hot box’ menus so that we can still deliver our delicious food.

The Medieval Palace consists of the Wakefield Tower and St Thomas Tower. Overlooking the wharf and directly on top of the Traitor’s Gate, this is arguably the most atmospheric area of the venue.

Our venue specialist, Georgina, loves St Thomas Tower and always looks forward to the end of the night when she is all alone in the spooky space before handing back over to the Yeoman – not for the faint hearted! The New Armouries is a slightly more contemporary space and has a lift as well as power for our ovens! With a larger capacity than the other spaces within the Tower of London, it has an amazing view of the White Tower which is lit beautifully at night.

At smaller events your guests can attend the famous nightly Ceremony of the Keys as they depart, which has been happening since Elizabeth I’s time. The ceremony has always begun at 9.30pm and was only ever delayed during the blitz, so the Yeoman will ensure your guests are prompt!

Reception capacity – 300

Dinner capacity – 240

To enquire for an event at the Tower of London please contact our venue specialist Julia on:

020 7733 3151, or fill in our enquiry form

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