Blue Strawberry Group Launches Healthy Meal Delivery in London – Nutrition Kitchen

healthy meal delivery

Blue Strawberry Group and Nutrition Kitchen have announced their exciting new partnership which sees the team come together to offer Londoners a restaurant quality, nutritionally balanced meal delivery service. Having taken the healthy meal delivery scene by storm in Hong Kong and Singapore over the last five years, Nutrition Kitchen UK is based at the Group’s premises in South London.

Menus offer hundreds of unique recipes providing a wide choice to clients, who can enjoy healthy eating without the hassle of preparing it themselves. Nutrition Kitchen’s range of breakfasts, lunches and dinners all feature clear, accurate nutritional information, allowing diners to track calories and macronutrients with ease.

Nutrition Kitchen supports a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritious menus for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Containing only responsibly-sourced ingredients, Nutrition Kitchen’s healthy meal delivery service saves customers time, energy and money, and eliminates food waste. Every dish is delivered in fully biodegradable packaging and the efficient menu design means the chefs cook to order – practically eradicating food waste in the Group’s kitchens. Additionally, their City deliveries are carried out by bicycle couriers and electric vehicles to minimise the carbon footprint.

Low fat high protein breakfast

Low fat, high protein breakfast

Rachel, Nutrition Kitchen UK Client
“Nutrition Kitchen has literally changed my life! It’s saving me the time and stress of shopping, cooking and cleaning every day – and it is even costing less than I was previously spending on food shopping! I’ve already lost over a stone in weight and am feeling absolutely amazing and full of energy.

I would definitely recommend this healthy meal delivery service to anyone who wants to manage their diet – especially people with busy lifestyles – the food is delicious and I can’t believe what a huge impact it has had on me!”

NNutrition Kitchen supports a healthy lifestyle.

Fuss-free healthy dining throughout the week.

Stuart Jenkins, Managing Director, Blue Strawberry Group
“It is fantastic to be introducing such an exciting brand to the London market. In what has been a very challenging time for the events and hospitality industry as a whole, Nutrition Kitchen has allowed us to bring furloughed members of our team back to work more quickly and will create even more job opportunities in future.

We know there’s a big appetite for restaurant quality, nutritionally balanced meal subscriptions in London – especially for a truly effortless health-conscious service that also respects the planet. We look forward to growing this new arm – to creating a highly sought-after service for our wider community.”

Nutrition Kitchen supports a healthy lifestyle.

Eco-friendly delivery for sustainable living.

Pete Fisher, CEO, Nutrition Kitchen
“Nutrition Kitchen is firmly rooted in an active and healthy lifestyle. We noticed that many people were finding it difficult to maintain an interesting and nutritional diet that supported their fitness goals as well as their busy schedule. So we created Nutrition Kitchen to offer a high quality solution to this problem. Having perfected our healthy meal delivery offer internationally over the last five years, we identified the same gap in the market here in London.

We are thrilled that Nutrition Kitchen UK has become part of Blue Strawberry Group – as a team we have such an incredible level of expertise and local knowledge, which will result in an unparalleled offer across the capital and beyond.”

Nutrition Kitchen supports a healthy lifestyle.

Menus feature full calorific and macro-nutrient details

New customers are welcomed with £15 off their first order – head to for more information.