I thought the canapes and the cocktails, the barbecue and the beach scene were all stunning. I have been to a few of your events…and I might be getting carried away but I thought yesterday’s catering was the best I’ve ever experienced. So many things and such attention to detail…the originality and experience of the gazpacho, the delicious cocktails which were so tasty and just the right strength, the barbecue…of which I sadly only had the succulent salmon because I had eaten so many canapes because the service was so generous. And then to the beach scene. Oh my goodness. That was simply spectacular and all so tasty. I was really blown away by it.

What can we say?! Thank you SO very much for all your hard work before and on Saturday – the food and drink you spoiled us with was an absolute delight and so many guests have commented on all the amazing dishes – both in terms of their exquisite presentation and delicious taste. We so appreciate all your (and your team’s) hard work – it was such a magical day and we had the most special time! It was everything we had hoped for – but also so, so much more!

Everybody I spoke to simply raved at how brilliantly you worked. Nothing was too much. From the cloakroom team to the check-in team, waiting staff, gin bar people, everything was so spot on. I’m struggling of what to add. The movie star Peggy Cummins best summed it up when she said how despite the enormity of the evening the staff tended to each guest as if they were hosting a small ‘do’ in the comfort of their own home.

I just thought I would drop you a line to say that I genuinely thought the food and service at the launch yesterday was exceptional. It always amazes me how you continue to get that choice and standard of food out in an empty office building. Well done you!

On behalf of all of us, I want to thank you for a wonderful dinner last night. It really was a triumph. I know it was tricky working with us, but we achieved exactly what we wanted and we are very grateful to you for the orchestration.

Thanks for everything, you and your team were truly a professional operation, with style. Exquisite food, excellent service, scrummy wines… and a massive support keeping everything so to time etc. We were very impressed indeed.

We are extremely privileged to have worked with such a high calibre bunch of people. It was simply a pleasure to see the execution of the dinner whilst delivering such a quality menu (and the attention to detail for all the dietaries). These things make such a difference.  We also received lots of glowing feedback that night from the client as well as guests.

I don’t know where to start. I wanted to get in first to personally say how utterly grateful I am for all your help, support, guidance, flexibility and creativity both last night, and throughout the entire planning process for the event. There really is no other caterer or Events Manager I would have preferred to work with on this event than you.

Amazingly beautiful and perfectly executed. Thank you so so much for going to amazing levels of effort for our tasting!  The team were blown awayI just wanted to send a massive THANK YOU for what was an incredible night.

 We worked as an amazing team and the night was everything we imagined and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!.